What are Penguin Hats?

Very glad you asked! Penguin Hats are the finest winter hats available, designed specifically to simulate the experience of having a penguin sitting on your head. According to a recent study that we have conducted, this is one of the most common life goals of the 21st century. It is without a doubt the most attention-grabbing hat you will ever wear - on or off the ski slopes (for extra attention, try Penguin Hats during the summer months). Penguin Hats are particularly great for people who love penguins... you don't not love penguins, do you? Of course not! Penguins are universally cherished by everyone around the world and are nowadays commonly prescribed to people in place of antidepressants.

Penguin fact: Penguin Hats are fantastic soul barometers.  People who see you wearing one and do not smile or laugh do not have souls.

Why do I need Penguin Hats?

Penguin Hats have several unique and useful features that distinguish them from other hats:

  • Penguin
  • Companionship
  • Splendor

Penguin Hats are also very warm and comfortable and are guaranteed to inspire a feeling of coziness wherever they are worn. If you live in an Antarctic climate or other area where penguins may be present then you may attract hundreds if not thousands of penguins. It is not recommended to wear Penguin Hats in the presence of sea lions or other Antarctic predators. Penguin Hats assumes no legal responsibility for any injuries or mishaps due to wearing Penguin Hats around said predators.

Penguin fact: Some penguins are filled entirely with candy. You just have to look hard enough. 

I love Penguin Hats! Where do I buy them?

You've come to the right place! You can click on "Products" at the top of the page, or just click here. You could also check out Retail Locations if you'd like to buy one in person. 

Penguin Hats are unavailable to purchase through our store for the moment as we prepare for the next season.  We will open our store again this fall!

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Thank you for checking out Penguin Hats!